Villas Vista Masaya


To get to Villa VistaMasaya from the international airport, it is only an hour drive on well paved roads. Just the last 1 ½ km is partly unpaved. Be aware that this last part of the road is only for high clearance cars, like a toyota hilux. Four wheel drive is not necessary. Driving in Nicaragua is an extraordinary experience. The roads are sparingly lit. You encounter a lot of odd traffic, like oxes, dogs, cows and horses, pedestrians and bicycles. 

We can offer taxi-service from the airport, but also to the places you like to visit.

And if you want the adventure of travelling with public transport, you can call a tuctuc to bring you to Masatepe. The drivers are very adept in avoiding potholes in the unpaved road. From Masatepe you can take a bus to Managua, Masaya, and indirectly a bus to Granada. Public transport is cheap in Nicaragua.