Villas Vista Masaya

The area

Vista Masaya is a wonderful estate of 14 hilly hectares with more than hunderd different trees, tropical birds and animals. It is located about 1 1/2 km. from the town masatepe. In the right season you can gather mangos, avocados, cashews, pineapples or citrusfruits. Less known, but also deliscious are fruits like nancite, guayaba, jocote or mamón. You can prepare your own juice from this harvest. We try to reach a permaculture environment, but still a lot has to be done. We welcome your advice.

The farm supplies wood like Guanacaste, Mahoney, Cedar and Laurel for the furniture industry of Masatepe. There is also a lot of firewood for the local people around us. And of course you cannot miss the national tree Madroño. All these trees attract wildlife, like birds, squirrels, iguanas and rabbits and sometimes the panther cat.